Anniversary Group Show

December 3, 2018

Help us celebrate 15 years of art in Des Moines at the opening reception of our Anniversary Group Show. Participating artists include: Andrew Abbott, Belle Morte Collective (Larassa Kabel, Ben Easter), Justin Beller, Tibi Chelcea, Antwaine Clarke, Catherine Dreiss, Sarah Grant, Kenneth Hall, Frank Hansen, Chuck Hipsher, Thomas C. Jackson, Mary Jones, TJ Moberg, Tom Moberg, James Ochs, Scott Charles Ross, Robert Schulte Jr., Madai Taylor, Jeffrey Thompson, Chris Vance, and Aaron Wilson & Tim Dooley. Also, new to the gallery: Annick Ibsen, Lianjie Zheng, Jason Woodside, Dennis Dykema, and Danielle Clouse.

Exhibit Documentation coming soon!

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